Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eva's Forth Birthday

I am sure all of you would say '' What a pretty little girl!!" Oh yes, she indeed a Miss Universe to be !! Who would not say she is PRETTY! This princess cake is for my friend's daughter who just turned 4. And her mommy told me that Eva's current favorite is to be a princess. So I made her this princess cake which made her so delighted. Eva simply couldn't keep her hands off the cake the moment I arrived at her place. I am truly glad I made this little Princess Eva the happiest gal on her 4th birthday!!


DG said...

Both are pretty! Indeed they same the hair colour too :) Love all your fondant cakes, they are gorgeous.

Honey boy said...

Thanks DG!! Fondant deco is my current love!

hankerie said...

I love your fondant cake too. How long did you use to prepare this? May I know what kind of cake base you're using? Butter Sponge Cake or just pure sponge cake? Any idea how long can this cake store in Singapore/Malaysia hot weather like this? I always have my fondant icing melted problem if I put in the fridge then towed it.

Anncoo said...

The cake and the birthday girl are so pretty!So cute!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. A very beautiful cake for a very beautiful girl.

Honey boy said...

Thanks ladies!

Fondant cakes are not suppose to kept in fridge. It wil melt, neither hot weather. So it should be kept in between 22-28'c that is the most ideal for our countries. All fondant cakes must use butter cake base or else will not be able to hold up the fondant deco.


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