Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wormy Buns ( Milk Buns)

Was in the mood to make something cute for my boy to bring to his schoolmates. So I thought of something which was simple to make and nice to eat. The milk bun came to my mind that I could make it into this caterpillar. His classmate came to me and said she had the ' Caterpillar ' for her breakfast! How cute.


Kitchen Corner said...

Oh this one looks really cute! Lovely! You're so creative to make it into a cute pattern! Thanks for sharing this cute tips.

Honey boy said...

Kitchen COrner,

YOu are most welcome!!

Beary said...

ooh, so cute!

Happy Homebaker said...

This is so cute!! What a lovely idea! I am sure my kids would love this too, thanks for sharing!

Honey boy said...

Beary & HHB,

Thanks! The kids were very tickled by the wormy buns too!


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